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hypnotic fluidity

So, last month I got to cross off another thing on my “to-do” list now that I live in Georgia. That thing was going to the Georgia Aquarium, I mean, it’s only one of the largest in the western hemisphere. My friend Nick and I were downtown hoping to explore The Centennial park (you know, you gotta do the touristy things when friends are in town because you know you are not going to do it by yourself) but unfortunately that day they were closed due to an event. So, we walked around and happened upon the aquarium and figured “why not.”

I love aquariums, if I’m not geeking out over some of the specimens then I’m feeling completely tranquil, dazed by the elegant, fluid movements, especially of the Beluga whales.

(All photos and videos by yours truly, well, Nick took the photo of me with the grouper fish)

Japanese Sea Nettles!!