Monthly Archives: May 2017

new chapter

I’ve been meaning to start this blog back up for a while. I was going to just start a completely new blog but got too lazy. Although, for some reason a good amount of posts have disappeared on this one, along with many photos that I have posted. So, if there are major gaps from past posts, it’s because wordpress hates me.

Well, now that that has been said, hello to the 3 people that may be reading this.

A friend suggested a while back that I start writing about my adventures, especially since moving to Georgia last August. Things were relatively stagnant for a while, aside from starting up my knitting shop on Etsy (instagram for it = @lonewolfknits) this past winter, I’ve been hiding out in the country, knitting, binge watching shows and all the other things that anti-social people do.

All that changed in April. Turning 30 wasn’t the only milestone that happened that month, but I worked on Pitch Perfect 3 a few days prior to turning 30. It has always been on my bucket list to work on a film set before the age of 30 and I achieved that! It was such a fun experience. Ever since then, I’ve hit the ground running working non-stop. Living the glamorous life of waking up at 2am, super early call times and 14 hour days but it’s been worth it.

So, here I am again. Starting this new chapter (so cheesy, I know).

ph. Natalie Zimmerman

(This was taken a few weeks ago after shooting in the cold and rain all afternoon. I definitely got really sick a day later. )