Monthly Archives: January 2016

Like chasing the clouds.

Eventually, I am going to post my One Direction “essay” I wrote for fun about them because it’s super random topic to write about  such a topic in one’s spare time.

If you would have asked me a few years ago to name a single song by One Direction, I wouldn’t be able to. All I knew was that between Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, girls (and boys) were swooning of the the moon for them.

Basically, this is just a preface for me to share this photo.


As of late, I’ve been trying to go back to my “roots” of photography. For a while, I’ve felt that I’ve become stagnate in my photography. Essentially just been shooting for the sake of shooting and not really challenging myself unlike the material my from my college portfolio and earlier work.

Granted, apparently the above photo is a paparazzi shot that was later edited by a fan. I do really the photo from a photographers point of view (I know, that makes me sound like an asshole) and not purely based on who the subject it is.