RECIPES: Garlic Butter Herb Shrimp Fettuccine


3 thoughts on “RECIPES: Garlic Butter Herb Shrimp Fettuccine

  1. Our Foodie Appetite

    This looks fabulous! I have never been a fan of fettuccine but I think this may be the recipe to win me over. Looks great! With community table seating and very Portlandia decor, Field Guide is like nothing else in the Norfolk. And I don’t mean that the owner is obsessed with Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein’s show Portlandia, though it is hilarious and we are currently binge watching season two of this fabulous show. (On that note, does anyone have any suggestions for binge watch worthy netflix shows? We need a new one!) I mean you feel like you’ve made the 3,000 mile trip to the west coast just by stepping in the door. The woodsy, unique and no doubt DIY decor goes with the Field Guide name and leaves your eyes dancing around the room exploring the walls for what next Portland/outdoor inspired decor you’re going to find.

    Now we hope you stuck with us and didn’t run for the hills when we typed the words “community table” because this restaurant is worth it! About a year ago, if you asked us how we felt about sitting at a community table, we probably would have said “Umm we’d rather fend for ourselves on the streets Ratatouille style than eat at the same table as a couple of strangers.” Now, we don’t mind it at all. I truly can’t say we “like” it per say because we kind of jus want to be left alone to eat and enjoy each other’s company, not the company of another couple just trying to enjoy each other’s company. Yeah, it gets confusing after that. Maybe we want to be left alone because of the embarrassing num-num noises (and faces) we make when we eat good food, who knows. But the idea of a community table is growing on us, I’ll say that.

    Not only is the name and decor outdoor inspired, but the food is too. It’s rustic and simple, with combinations that just work. The menu has a few rice bowls, which include veggies, rice, sauce and any add-one that you want, and a short list of sandwiches with several featuring their fresh, melt in your mouth, beef brisket.

    When we first ate here a couple months ago, the menu was totally different. It was much longer and had more dinner-y meals. That’s not to say these meals are small, just that they aren’t the classic “main and two sides” meal. There were several salads that we really liked and actually came back to get. That’s when they gave us the bad news that they had changed the menu only three days earlier. We were told that they are trying to streamline their products and make ordering more efficient on their end. At first we were upset, but we’ve now got our favorite items on the menu and those are our go-tos. So if you’re looking online and there are multiple salads on the menu, just be aware that is not the updated menu. Not sure why they have yet to update it online.

    That being said, my favorite thing to order is the Marrakechy Bowl and add beef brisket. This bowl has fresh cucumber, crisp steamed broccoli, raw almonds, juicy orange sections, pecorino cheese and a dreamy creamy mustard sauce. I am easily convinced by anything mustardy, so this bowl was appealing to me before I even knew everything that was in it. I order it with the brown rice and quinoa mix rather than white rice because i like that nutty flavor. I think it adds something to the overall flavor of the bowl and acts as a good foundation for all the other flavors.

    Justin’s food paragraph

    Though we’ve had some questionable service here once or twice, almost everyone is very helpful and knows the chef and the menu well. We were sitting at the bar once (yeah, you got it, it was to avoid the community table) and there were several local prom dances going on downtown. We were watching the buses pull up and admiring pretty dresses and young couples, when a boy in a tux came in and walked up to the bar and asked for a beer. He was clearly a high schooler and was dressed for prom so the bar tender looked at us with a puzzled face saying “are you seeing what I’m seeing?!” So she asked for his ID and seeing it clearly wasn’t him, she asked for another form and he have his credit card…with a different name than the ID. He began talking in circles and finally just walked out mumbling under his breath. Well that was bold. Certainly made for an entertaining exchange for us though!


    1. Our Foodie Appetite

      Didn’t mean to paste that in there haha, must have clicked the wrong combo of buttons haha feel free to delete this comment. I’m leaving another 😉 that’s part of our next post, so it looks like you got a little preview hahaha



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